Thursday, December 10, 2009

My favorite bread pan

I bake bread nearly every day. I have for several years now and recently when I was thinking about things to be thankful for, my bread pan came to mind. Now mind you, it was pretty far down on my thankfulness list, but it was there. Mostly because I have never had a loaf of bread stick in it. Ever. This is quite a feat which I am certain most bread bakers can attest to. Its not like I carefully grease the pan before I bake or keep it remarkably clean. I don't. I spritz it a little with olive oil from my pampered chef sprayer and I pop the dough in. When the loaf comes out. I lay the pan on its side and pull a little on the loaf. Out it comes. Even better, I get a perfect crust every time. I give the pan a quick wash and dry and away it goes until the next day. The best thing about the pan was it wasn't even expensive. The pan costs $8.50 from a wonderful company called Breadbeckers. I had two pans, but a friend liked it so much, that she bought one from me. Maybe I should start selling them...

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