Monday, January 18, 2010

Online Coupons

Most people are familiar with the coupons available in the Sunday paper. Some people clip them and use them that week, which is the manufacturer's goal. Getting you to buy what the coupons advertise. I tend to go about coupons in a different way. I do clip them each week, but then I file them and wait for the item to go on sale. This maximizes my savings and makes my dollars go further.
In today's market, with everything being online, companies have gone online with their coupons as well. I use a site called a lot. Particularly when I am looking for a coupon for something on sale and I don't have a coupon in my binder. Other coupon forums online will tell you about deals you can make with these online coupons and a sale or even a regularly priced item in a store. While some of the coupons will match what you got in your paper, others will be completely different and offer you unexpected savings on something you wanted. The key to saving the most money is combining the techniques effectively to get deals on what your family needs. As I have said before, it does no good to get a bottle or box of something that no one in your family will ever use.

Another mistake some people make is printing all of the online coupons on the site. This is a costly error. Only print the coupons you need. If nothing you are going to buy this week is on the coupon site, then don't print anything. The coupons you find online will often be there for a while,so unless is something you KNOW you will buy, wait to print until you need it. Also be sure to set your printer to a more economical setting. You can often print in black and white and lower the quality settings and the coupon will still scan and be just as usable a the store while costing you less to print.

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