Friday, July 2, 2010

Breakfast Skillet

Around our home, we joke about being foodies. We relish good, healthy, local foods. vance. Recently a new local city market opened that is fairly close to home. My middle child and I decided to check it out. There were some great farms there and one in particular is a favorite;  the Spinning Spider Creamery. You see, my daughters and I share a love for goat cheese; a long-time favorite that we rarely get to partake in. So we happened upon this familiar vendor that travelled a fair distance to be at our market and we decided we needed to purchase something "since they were there." We settled on a garden vegetable chevre after sampling several of their cheeses. You realize of course, that the sampling was not necessary since were were completely familiar with their products, but might I remind you of the "foodie" issue.  As we headed home, we discussed all the ways we could use this wonderful treasure in a meal. Crackers with cheese... on a warmed a dip with some carrot sticks, etc. This morning, I started forming my breakfast plan around that very same treasure. I ended up with a skillet that was SO good that I thought I would share.

First I gathered my ingredients:
1 T fresh butter
1 new potato, straight from the garden, diced
1 small spring onion, straight from the garden, chopped
1 small piece of fresh pork sausage, already cooked
1 farm fresh egg, straight from the chicken :)
1 T fresh cream
2 T of garden vegetable chevre
Sea salt
fresh cracked black pepper

In my favorite small cast iron skillet, I sauteed the potato in the butter until it was lightly browned. I added the onion and sausage and continued cooking on a med heat. At this point I salted and peppered the mix. Once the onions were caramelized, I mixed the egg and fresh cream together and poured into the skillet. I lowered the heat a bit so the egg wouldn't burn. When the egg started to set, I flipped it over and put dollops of chevre on top. I covered with a small lid and let the cheese melt. Once it was done I devoured it, thinking to myself, "I wish the peppers would ripen...I need to do this again when they do...what if I added some garlic scapes?..."you get the picture.

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Iva said...

Just reading this made my stomach growl - sounds yummy :-)