Thursday, October 16, 2014

Greens Reboot

I have been prepping for this mentally for a few weeks, but today I restarted my Greens Reboot program. The idea is to alkalize and detox your body, flooding it with nutrition and enabling it to clean out everything. Its not hard to do, and I find it to be pretty pleasant compared to some of the detoxes and fasts I have done in the past. Its also very flexible. I can start off with doing it three days but if you continue, you modify it slightly along the way to make sure you are getting enough calories and not starving your body, which can cause a whole host of other problems down the road.

Here is how it plays out

9am: 4 Its Vital, 3 Thermofit, 2 Confianza, 1 New You, 2 Relief and
         Greens on the go (4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
10am: 1 scoop of Profit in 8 oz water
11am:Greens on the go(4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
1pm:Greens on the go(4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
3pm:Greens on the go(4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
5pm:Greens on the go(4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
7pm: 2 Greens on the go(4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
9pm: 2 Its Vital, 3 Thermofit, 3 Confianza, 2 New You, 2 Relief and
         Greens on the go (4 scoops) in a 16 oz bottle of water.
10pm: 1 scoop of Profit in 8 oz water

Do this for three, five, ten, fifteen or twenty days.

If you are doing the 15-day, from days 11-15 turn your morning profit into a smoothie, adding fruits and veggies of your choice. Also add an Its Essential bar at 3pm
If you are doing the 20-day, from days 16-20 add dinner.

Pretty simple, huh? I use the Berry Greens because I like the mild sweetness from the stevia and the berry flavor but if you prefer orange, it is unsweetened and has a flavor much like an orange mineral water.

For the vitamins you can use what you are already using. The greens will more than supply the fruits and veggies you need for a day, but if you can take your regular multi-vitamin instead provided its a good, safe, high quality vitamin free of food dyes, fillers and manufactured nutrients. If you don't have a multi or are missing parts of your complete nutrition, you can try one or all of our vitamin supplements in the Its Vital line

We use Thermofit to boost metabolism. If you are not striving to reset your metabolism or lose weight, you can leave that off too.
Confianza is full of adaptogenic herbs that will help your body manage daily stress. I highly recommend this during the fast because it will help you body to manage the additional stress of the diet itself.
New You helps your body to produce HGH. If you are over 30, this is naturally declining in your body, so its a good one to take if you are having trouble sleeping(without help).
Relief is for joint pain and maintaining joint health. If you are stiff and store you might want to try this one too.

Again, the MAIN part of this is the Greens and Profit  They will provide all the nutrition you need. Adding the additional products is up to you. So are you ready to try it?

If you can get past the cravings in those initial days, you will be fine. I always feel SOOOO good after about the third day. My energy levels ramp up, I sleep better and my body aches and headache goes away. If you would like to join me on this cleanse or if you would like information on getting the products so you can do it too, head to my website.
If you need help in deciding what you should take, please feel free to contact me and I will help you figure it out.

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