Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triples at HT

This week at Harris Teeter, they are tripling coupons up to .99
This is the super sale of sales because when you combine triples, coupons and sales you have the trifecta of deals and can save HUGE amounts on your groceries. Going once a day for the week, I can usually bring in several hundred dollars worth of groceries for pennies on the dollar.
Here is an example of my shop:
Breyers Ice cream .44
Pace Salsa .87
Ortega refried beans - free
Grande Tortilla chips - free
daisy sour cream - free
Kelloggs waffles - .54
McCormick garlic powder - free
1 lb beef(used peelie off chips) - .31
dawn dish detergent - .25
Ortega taco shells - free

After spending a little over $2 for these groceries, a $3 off beef coupon came out of the catalina machine. I can use that to fill tacos later next week!

Tips on couponing can be found all over the internet and I will post tips on this blog. My first article on the way I do it is here. Its really a matter of getting organized, keeping up with sale ads and remembering one simple rule:
If you don't have a coupon and its not on sale too, don't get it.
By following that rule alone, you will have plenty to eat and your costs will be cut in half and more.

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