Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coupon Adventures 9/17

Harris Teeter is doing triples again and I headed over to do a quick shop.
The GM deal came around again and really gives you the potential to do a great shop

Purchase 15 GM items and get $5 off of your order.
Also two catalina deals sweeten the profits

Old El Paso buy 6 get $3 oyno
Green Giant Boxed veggies, buy 5 get $3 oyno

Using the mfr coupons on the green giant veggies and the printable for Old ElPaso along with getting a few deals near free in the GM package and you have yourself a nice pile of food for very little money. I plan to roll the catalinas over next week after the GM deal is over.

5 Green giant veggies$.99-2 $.50/2=$1.95
4 OEP $.79x6-$.60/2=free
2 OEP dinner kits 2.00x2-.60x2=$2.80
2 warm delights $1.66-2$.50/1=$.32
3 Biscuits$.80-2 $.75/3=.15

-$5 gm deduction
plus two cats for $3

This brings your total over $5 allowing for the GM deduction. You pay .47 plus tax.
There were several other freebies to be had, but stock was low. I did snag some really cheap Truvia 2.59 - 2.25 (.75) and a some of the green giant canned veggies. Overall a good time to stock up on vegetables!!

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