Friday, August 13, 2010

Coupon Adventures 8/13

I headed off to do a quick shopping trip this afternoon after seemingly dozens of roadblocks, interruptions and various "life" events that kept me from my destination.
My first stop was CVS. I picked up a Shick Hydro razor that is on sale for $8.97(is that really a sale?). On it was a coupon for a free can of Shick Shaving Gel. I checked out, using my $5 off coupon (SS 8/8)and an almost expired CVS buck, making my total out of pocket $1.87. It printed out my $5 CVS buck and a .50 off your next order coupon. I ran out to the car, grabbed a $1 off any Crest coupon and threw my first two purchases in the car. I hurried back inside and got a twin pack of Crest, which is $1.97 after CVS bucks and  a package of CVS's Prilosec clone. It is only $13 after CVS bucks this week and has 42 doses. Total out of pocket this round was $21.38 after coupons, but that total is less than what it costs to get prilosec and I now have $9 in cvs bucks to spend before 9/21. After that shop, I headed over to Harris Teeter where they are doing Super Doubles. All coupons up to $1.98 are doubled during this promotion.
I first ran through and purchased 5 kraft cheese products. Kraft cheese is on sale and I also have $1 off two coupons from a tear pad. When you purchase 5 Kraft items, you get a $5 off your next order catalina. I checked out, put the cheese in the car(in my cooler) and came back in to finish my shopping. I got the following:
3 Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese ($1 off 8/8 SS)
2 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter(.60 off 8/1 ss)
2 32oz jars of Welch's grape jelly ($1 off two from last week's sales flyer/also this week's EVic)
2 SOBE water (bogo printable)
3 Colgate toothpaste ($1 off august PG)
3 packs of Always pads ($1 off August PG)
1 package of Alouette cheese ($1 off any cheese winetag)
3 containers of Oikos Yogurt ($1 off tearpad)
With coupons, my total was $2.17, which I promptly paid and flew out the door.
I then went to US Cellular and mentioned (again) that the "T" on my phone is not working correctly. The salesman called the company that makes the phone since its still under warranty and now they are going to send me a new phone. SCORE!! I have made several trips in to get it "Fixed". I was glad I went to the store on Hendersonville Road. The salesman Zach took care of it this time. Something the techs on Patton didn't seem to want to do. Off to the bank after that to deposit several rebate checks and then ended up quitting and going home. I still want to go to Staples and get the great deals there, but that will have to wait until tomorrow....

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