Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coupon Adventures 8/3

There is a kellogg's catalina floating around and its making for some great deals at Harris Teeter this week.
Buy any 10 kellogg's products and get $10 off your next order.
To start with Pop Tarts are $1.09 a box at our store.
There are also some coupons out for it.
One for $1 off three through a red plum link.
There is also an insert coupon from the July 11th insert for $1.00 off two
So just getting this is a money maker. I can donate the pop tarts, but will keep a few of the lower sugar, no food coloring versions for the kids.

The deal looks like this:
Buy 10 boxes of poptarts  at $10.90 plus tax
Use 3 $1 off two coupons (- $3.00)
At our store you have a maximum of three like coupons
Pay the approximately $7 on this order and get your $10 catalina

Next I went in and got 
2 boxes of miniwheats $3.48
2 boxes pop tarts $2.18
4 boxes special k with berries $6.96
2 boxes eggo waffles at $4
Total is $16.95
Use these coupons
$1 off two poptarts (7/11 RP)
$1 off two miniwheats (8/22 RP)
$1 off two eggo (8/2 RP)
$1 off two special k(2 of these) (8/2 RP)
$10 oyno from previous order
Paid $2.95

So now I am out $10 and I have 12 boxes of poptarts, 6 boxes of cereal and 4 boxes of waffles. Lets just say I continued on this track throwing in some peter pan peanut butter (.60 coupon 8/1 SS)at 49 cents a jar and a few other gems that I found while in the store. Needless to say it was a good couple of days.

I have done this deal several times over the past few days. There are many combinations. What kind of deal can you make??

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