Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cholesterol and the High Fat Diet

Years ago when I invested in a copy of Nourishing Traditions for myself, I read how changing my diet to include rich fats, whole milk and grass fed beef would help, not hinder my body and its health. At that time, my cholesterol was creeping up toward 185 and I was following in the steps of both my parents who have high cholesterol. I did not want to add cholesterol lowering drugs to my daily regime and felt that diet was my best course of action. What I read made sense to me. Cholesterol has become a big problem with today's processed foods and I felt like limiting that and reintroducing all the foods from days gone by would be a good move. If I had told my doctor that, I am certain he would have laughed at me and wrote a prescription for Lipitor.

When you think of using diet to adjust your cholesterol, you probably think of oatmeal, cheerio's, lots of vegetables, heart-healthy diet meals, no trans-fats, not saturated fats, etc.  Even if you start taking the statin drugs to lower the numbers, you will still be told that you should drink skim milk(blech) and use margarine. If you've been reading my posts, you already know how I feel about these products and while I have been vocal about my distaste for overly processed foods, I have not had(until now) something to back up what I have been saying all along, aside from the well document research of Dr Weston A. Price.

In my recent quest to discover the cause of my dizzy spells, I had blood tests run per the advice of my nutritionist. I have not had a CBC and Cholesterol test for about 4 years now. The last one I had said my cholesterol was: Decidedly Bad.
Not good.

I am thrilled to say that after three years of eating butter, drinking whole milk products, eating whole milk cheeses, eating beef, cooking in lard and doing all of the things that the professionals say NOT to do, my cholesterol is down. Yes, down. It is now 155. My good cholesterol is now at a healthy 63 and my LDL is down to 83. The end results of my going on a traditional foods diet were all positive. So, I encourage you to look at Traditional foods. Research it for yourself. Take some time to read about why those fats are good for you and how they make your body run properly.

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