Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let the People Think!

In the words of Elmer Fudd, this is verwee, verwee scarwee...

Really? Are the sheeple really not even sure why they are there? Did someone hand them a sign and they don't even know why they are carrying it? Freedom of speech is a right! Do we whittle it away with nothingness? Lies? Things  we don't believe or even understand just because we can? The thing I don't understand about all of this is how people seemingly just accept a party line without discovering what the truth is. In the words of one of the protesters "Truth is a Trap."

Before you vote in November I beg of each and every one of you to pursue the truth. Don't take a statement from one side or the other as fact. Find reputable sources and plot out the agendas, the reasons for statements. Vote your conscience not your pocket book. We live in a great country and we have the power to restore government to the people. Please do your duty!!

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