Monday, July 20, 2009

Coupon Adventures 7/20

Food Lion deals went well today:
1 package of Duncan Hines cupcake mix
1 package of papertowels(360 brand)
2 packages of Chinet dinner plates
2 packages of Chinet lunch plates
1 bottle of healthy accents Hydrogen peroxide
1 bottle of diet coke

Subtotal; $17.26(before tax)

$1.00 off Duncan Hines cake mix(FLIP)
$1.00 off chinet
$1.00 off chinet
Free lunch plates ifyou buy dinner plates($2.99)
free lunch plates if you buy dinner plates($2.99)
$1.00 off home 360 product (FLIP)
$1.00 off healthy accents product(FLIP)
$5.98 off for plates(sales price)
$ .36 off for paper towels(sales price)

Total out of pocket: $ .51

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