Monday, July 13, 2009

Free books

I have mentioned before how I love to garden and the idea of being self-sufficient is a dream I strive to attain on a daily basis. I recently discovered some classic gardening books online at a site called Scribd. In addition to making it possible to upload documents for sharing, others have taken classic books and made them available to us. Some of these books are completely free to download as pdf's(and sometimes text files) to your computer. Once downloaded, they are at your fingertips for reference whenever you need them. I suppose you could print them out, but the books I was looking at were over 200 pages, so I doubt I will ever be willing to spare that much ink(unless of course it was free as well)! Having the pdf files at my desk are good enough for me and adding these wonderful treasures to my gardening library thrilled me to pieces!

Vegetable Garden Encyclopedia

Self Sufficient Gardener

And the Classic: Complete book of Self Sufficiency

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