Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coupon Adventures 7/3

Ingles had a great deal on chicken this week. Boneless, skinless breasts for $1.88 a pound. That means 100% usable meat for that price. I went to get that and partake of the sale on sierra mist, sunkist and Mug rootbeer at 5 cases for $12. On each box was a $1.00 off coupon, making the soda 5 for $7 or one for $1.40. A case of this usually lasts us several months since we rarely drink it and it has no food dye, so Brandon can have one from time to time. While in the soda aisle I found a booklet on the root beer I was getting that had a breyers ice cream coupon on it. Breyers ice cream is on sale at Bi-Lo, where I was heading next...I was getting a little excited...I also got some invisible kool aid(no food dyes) and a bag of sugar(for canning) and used a $2 off sugar coupon when you buy kool aid. The koolaid was .12 a pack and the sugar was on sale for $1.68. We make kool aid when the kids have friends over and I usually sweeten it with something other than sugar.
At Bi-Lo, I planned to get some organic peaches...finally fresh organic fruit at the store!! Then I got Dixie plates with my $1.00 off coupons. I also had a coupon for free napkins when you buy plates. So the napkins and the plates were less than $1 total. I save these for when the power goes out and we don't have water to wash dishes and napkins. The ice cream is on sale for $1.98 and with the .50 breyers coupon I found at Ingles, its .98 a container! I get the sugar-free ice cream for my girls and my hubby, who can eat it. They love it as a special treat. When they have the ice cream tonight, Brandon and I will have peaches with cream on top...YUM!
One more stop; Food Lion. Using the $1 off 360 products FLIP, I got free foil and the $1 off healthy accent products FLIP got me free rubbing alcohol. Then I picked up some freezer bags that were buy one get one and used my $1 blinkie, making two packages of gallon freezer bags, a package of foil and some rubbing alcohol all less than $1 with tax.

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